Karen Jackson

Senior Paralegal

Karen Jackson is a Paralegal at Wendy Blacker Lawyers

Karen joined Wendy Blacker Lawyers in June 2017, bringing with her over 20 years of experience in insurance litigation.  During her career Karen has assisted in both plaintiff and defendant matters in liability claims, including professional liability, product liability and public liability matters.

Karen has a solid knowledge of procedural requirements of courts and tribunals, having been exposed to litigated claims throughout her career.  

Karen has significant experience in the education sector, including claims involving personal injury, non-workplace discrimination, public liability, professional neglignece and historical physical and sexual abuse.  

Karen has assisted WBL lawyers in a range of matters that include serious burns while participating in extracurricular activities and science experiments, serious lacerations when operating machinery in technology classes, loss of vision and loss of a testicle when struck by child acting out and various limb fractures when participating in physical activities.

Karen has strong administration and organisational skills with a keen eye for monitoring, auditing and implementing compliance with legal service agreements and associated KPI’s.  She displays enormous pride in her work and refuses to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Key Industry Sectors
Health and allied health

Administration law
Discrimination (non-workplace)
Intentional torts
Liability (product, professional, public)
Litigation and dispute resolution
Medical negligence
Personal injury
Policy interpretation
Professional negligence
Recovery (contribution and debt)