Sharon Dietze

Senior Paralegal

Sharon Dietze is a Paralegal at Wendy Blacker Lawyers.

Sharon joined Wendy Blacker Lawyers in November 2018, bringing with her 10 years experience in Insurance and Dispute Resolution and commercial litigation with a leading CBD legal firm.  She has a solid knowledge of procedural requirements of courts and tribunals, having been exposed to litigated claims throughout her career.  

During her career, Sharon has assisted lawyers in litigated and un-litigated claims with conduct of matters involving public liability, property damage and matters involving life science and clinical research.  Sharon has both a particular interest and considerable experience in injury, illness, health and wellbeing (including the impact of diet and lifestyle on these) and evidence based medicine.  

Sharon consistently “dots the I’s and crosses the t’s” and takes a methodical and consistent approach toward the matters she works on.  She has developed a well-honed ability to forecast potential problems and difficulties, which is a valuable asset in legal disputes.

Sharon is a valuable resource for clients in providing updates and information as and when required, which she does candidly, succinctly and in a timely manner.


Certificate in Office Administration