Institutional, childhood and sexual abuse is abhorrent.

History has demonstrated that, quite apart from psychological illness, the lives of those abused can be destabilised by persisting mental anguish, a deep sense of loss, shame and an undercurrent of guilt.  

Redress is important.  It is important not just for those who have been abused but for society in general.  As a sophisticated, educated and caring society not only should we be protecting our children from harm but also ensuring that those who have been harmed are justly and fairly compensated in an attempt to redress the wrongs that have been done to them when there was a duty at law to protect them.

This can be done by way of exercising a person’s rights through a redress scheme or by taking civil action.  

While no amount of money can change the past, or make up for the loss suffered, which simply cannot be measured in dollar value, monetary compensation is an option that may be available.  Another important form of redress to those who have been abused is an acknowledgment of the wrong that was done and a genuine and sincere statement of regret.

We have acted in over 450 abuse claims involving religious institutions, educational facilities such as day and boarding schools, children homes, juvenile detention centres and foster care placements.

With our depth of experience and breadth of knowledge, we bring both a sound understanding of the law and a heightened understanding and empathy to claims of this nature.  

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